• Crescent Educational Trust was founded in 2010, as a charitable trust and was duly registered on 14th September’2010 under Indian Registration Act vide trust Deed No. 412 Sl. No. 1281 dated 20/2/2010. Since,Its establishment, it has been rendering services with dedication for dissemination of education by establishing educational institutions and keeping pace with the changing trend in educational scenario.

The Crescent Educational Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees.


  1. To develop a pharmaceutical Education System which is responsive to the new innovations in the technologies, contemporary industrial culture, globally competitive market and liberalized economic environment. The output such a system will cater to the need, requirement and expectations of local as well as global industry.

  2. The pharmaceutical education system should be demand driven market based on self sustaining system rather than supply driven system, each discipline must be industry oriented and professionally recognized.

  3. To take steps for constant faculty development and upgrade their skills. Also take appropriate measures for better carrier planning by attracting bright students and high quality professionals to adopt teaching as a viable alternative carrier.

  4. In every sphere of medical science, paramedi-cal personals are playing key roles. Keeping this in mind, Crescent Educational Trust has come to open different diploma courses in diferent fileds of paramedical and allied health sciences.


“To provide , promote and develop education in congruence with the norma-tive national policy, and in response to the assessed needs of people through conventional as well as non-conven-tional system of education, and to extend efforts for-

  • Universalization of education

  • The evolution of a learning society for the fulfillment of its aims and objectives”.

  • VISION :

    Crescent Educational Trust is committed to work for the development of Human Resource in this remote part of country. This is clearly reflected in its vision statement- ‘To provide quality and job-oriented professional education and broaden the skilled manpower base of this region’.


Message from Principal's desk

The Pharmacy Profession is a noble profession in the paramedical field that caters the need of medicine to the society. We have the broad vision of developing the students into technical professionals, who will remain relevant in the current as well as the future global landscape. We are always committed to the development of our faculty professionally as well as personally. Crescent institute of pharmacy not only educates and enables everyone with knowledge but also includes discipline, determination and dedication to all the students. The management is devoted to provide an excellent and enthusiastic environment in the campus that will prepare the students to meet the global challenges and become next generation pharma professional. To provide skilled pharmacist and pharmacy professionals in north-east region as well as in India and to the whole country is the dream of our college.

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